Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Welcome to Rosalind Woods - the home of mature glamour!

Welcome to my Blog!

If you somehow landed on this page it’s probably because you love hot and horny mature women.
Well, that's what I do best: showing pictures and movie clips of the most amazing mature women.
I have been producing and selling my own films for 30 years - firstly on VHS, then DVD.  I decided to stop selling DVDs in January 2013, and since then I have developed two websites to increase my online presence.
All my models are mature amateurs - mostly over 40s, and plenty of gorgeous older MILF in their 60s and 70s!  But if younger MILF is your thing, I also have some models in the 20s and 30s - not your usual porn star figure, as these have been picked because of some "special" attributes! - beautiful younger amateurs, showing their booty for you!  What all my models have in common though is that they are all genuine amateurs - the girl next door, the lady in the library, the woman whose eye you catch in the supermarket, and the genuine housewife filmed in her natural environment.
So, why not check out my sites:
If a monthly membership is your thing, then go to  100 models+, over 3500 exclusive photos, and over 35 hours of video clips for instant viewing when you join - and the monthly membership fee is less than the price of 1 DVD!
If you prefer the full film so that you can really get to know every curve and crevice of a particular model, then Pay Per View may be your thing - go to my site at to purchase full length mature strip films for immediate viewing online.
Not sure which to try?  Have a look at my tour page for free photo and video samples at


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